Hearty Arty – Art straight from the hearth

Colorful and sweet hand-made art creations that stays with you forever, makes your heart bigger and your smile wider.

My name is Keren Eidlin Peer, I was born in a little town in Israel in 1977.When I was asked at the age of 6 (like so many other children) on which instrument I would like to learn to play, I replied simply: A Harp.

Harp playing was not very common at the time… (was it ever really in the last few centuries?) so my mother solved this issue quite easily: she bought me a box of crayons.

That solution proved itself to be accurate!

Since then, the yearning to create flowed through my veins and forever continued to accompany me throughout my life.

The passion to learn and experience variant materials and techniques led me to different disciplines and acquire a rich life wisdom in the field of shapes and colors.

Why ‘life wisdom’ and not academic one?

From the beginning, my life choices have been guided to be in the practical sense. With all due respect to colors, imagination and the beauty of hands working magic with clay; my career needed to be practical!

And so, I found myself working for 12 years in the world of insurance…

Year after year, I heard my true calling scream inside of me.

Many times, I told anyone who was just willing to hear, that my hands were so yearning to create professionally, that they literally hurt.

Time after time I heard people saying that my real talent was wasting away, that I should do something with myself already!

But I was afraid.

I was purely terrified to leave the safe and practical world, until a time arrived that made it very clear to me, that I will never be truly happy if I won’t answer the true calling of my heart and soul.

And so, answer it I did!

My lifelong dream is to touch people through my creations and to make them smile and giggle, just like the feeling of an innocent and joyful child-like happiness.

Do you remember your first encounter with a candy or a tender caress? This time, it’s a visual candy, colorful sweet creation, that stays with you forever.

A work of art that each time you pass by it makes your heart bigger and your smile wider.

This is what I dream and dare to create with my own hands for you.

These are the intentions, thoughts and energies that I imbed in each of my creations, and I am delighted each and every time I discover, they met you.