Privacy Policy

The Site respects the privacy of its customers and service users and considers its protection to be of paramount importance.

The Site goes to great lengths in order to properly safeguard the information you provide and takes many innovative measures in order to secure such information and your privacy.

This Declaration of Privacy specifies what type of personal information is collected by the Site and the Site’s intended uses of that information.

If necessary, with regards to specific products and services, additional information may be required in conjunction with the provision of those products and/or services.

  1. All the data you provide by way of use of the website and/or the application and/or the services, including personal identifying information and additional details, are delivered voluntarily and with your consent and without any legal obligation requiring you to provide them. You are aware of and hereby consent to the storing of the information in the databases of the site, in Israel and abroad.
  2. The information received with and on account of the services and/or use of the website and/or application, including during the performance of transactions and any other information resulting from your activities on the application, shall be stored in said databases.
  3. In addition, if you use the website and/or application to carry out a transfer, you are aware that the Site is authorized to disclose your information to the transferee to whom you wish to make the transfer.
  4. You are aware and hereby consent to the Site making use of the information for the purpose of providing the services and/or making decisions, including via a third party. In addition, you hereby consent to and authorize the Site to make use of the information for the purpose of contacting you and/or for the purpose of marketing, advertising or increasing loyalty and/or for the purpose of monitoring and/or statistical analysis of the information for its own needs and/or to prevent fraud and/or illegal activity, all subject to the provisions of any law.
  5. The Site may process information provided by you and/or information regarding your activities, including via anyone acting on its behalf. Products of the information processing performed by the Site may periodically be used to propose various products or services to you that you may have an interest in, and all subject to your rights under any law.
  6. All of the information provided by you and/or information that is received as part of the services and/or following your use of the website and/or the application, shall remain confidential in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.
  7. The Site may use or operate software that collects information on your activities and analyzes it for the purpose of better adapting the service to your needs, and you hereby consent to such use.
  8. You are aware that the Site makes use of various technologies for your identification and/or classification, including the saving of files containing information on your web browsing habits (Cookies), and use of your IP address, including via Google Analytics [Link], and you hereby consent to the use of this technology and of other technologies, as may periodically exist, for similar purposes, including the use of information collected through them for the purpose of your identification and/or classification.
  9. To the extent that your use of the link to additional websites and services is possible, if you choose to make use of them, the privacy policy protection afforded by these sites shall apply to you as well. For example, you may find details pertaining to the Facebook policy in the following link:
  10. When a location-based service is active on your device, the site may use the information pertaining to your location that it receives from GPS signals, Wi-Fi access points located nearby and cellular towers, this whether the application is activated or deactivated. You can remove the location-based service via the operating system of your device. After removing this service, we will no longer receive information pertaining to your location.
  11. When the Notification Service is active on your device, we can send you various notifications that are related to the application on your device. You can remove the Notification Service in the settings or the operating system of your device.
  12. It is clarified that in addition to this Declaration of Privacy, the legal aspects and any additional Terms of Use shall also apply to the services and/or products – if any exist, as well as all of the documents you signed with regards to the Site account being managed under your name, if one is being managed. The aforesaid in these terms is intended to add to and not derogate from the validity of any other agreement between yourself and the Site.