Knowing (and allowing oneself) to request


For me, Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year) is one of the most important and significant holidays, this is the Holiday I learned to request, to wish. We will all soon be heading towards a new universal year, 2021 and it’s a good time to practice wishing , especially this year, that we all experiencing 2020 with the impacts of covid-19, lockdowns and lots of not so wished for challenges, time to spark our optimism, yes, even and especially if we got tired…

For many years, I believed life deals each one of us a set of cards, a starting point, certain abilities which will follow us for the rest of our lives. Meaning that from this point forward we have only one possibility: to maximizes the things that have been “gifted to us” and those “inflicted on us”.

Based on these thoughts, I have established rigid beliefs about what I could want and dream about. What goals I have a chance to achieve, how far I can reach. All was very restricted and limited.

4 years ago, just before the new year, an opportunity opened up to me to write a personal vision for the coming new year. The instruction was to write all that comes to mind, without any thought of it being actually achievable, or even if they are conflicting, like wanting to work at 5 different jobs, living both in a busy metropolis and in the village, or in a desert by the sea, no logic was required while walking in fantasy land and describing all our wishes, no judgement, no self-criticism.

To write freely, in details, thoroughly, to feel, to “get wild!”

There were only one rule and a very strict one: the vision should be positive, happy and loving, all wishes are for good causes only. Everything should be written with no rush, I may continue to write for several days and on how many pages I deem should be enough, for this time, for this coming year.

So, I let down my cynical defenses together with my hesitations and chagrin and I sat down and wrote. My first vision spread on 8 pages written in several days. I insisted and fought to cover every aspect of my life I wanted to change or strengthen, in such details that might seem petty at times.

My requests were far-reaching, they included career change, big love, a lot of trips abroad, raising a dog etc. I admit though, that I didn’t make request challenging the laws of nature or physics!

During that year almost all my requests were granted and so it happens every year since. Every year, around the new year’s beginning, I write a personal vision and asks, and every year I discover that they have been granted even though sometimes receiving your wish, can be a challenge of itself.

May we all have a happy, healthy and joyful new year!!!

Write yourself a personal vision,

Write your life with love!